About Us

Our History

Steve was born in South Africa and departed when he was 18 years old with his love for rugby, meat, Braai’s(BBQ’s) and South African specialities ingrained in his DNA. When Steve arrived in the UK in 2003 with only £500 to pay rent and find a job, there was little amount left for homemade treats to lessen the feelings of home sickness. 

With limited establishments in the UK producing quality South African produce, Steve started to explore his own methods of meat drying following the same footsteps of his late Granfather, Alan Livens, that had a "Chippy" in Umkomaas (South of Durban). Alan was an Englishman that served as a chef in the Merchant Navy and sadly, Alan is now surfing the waves in heaven, but his memory lives on with the methods of food making and home produce that have been passed down through two generations. Without Alan Livens we wouldn’t be here? Cheers ALAN.

Pete Tame is a born and bred Englishman who hasn’t travelled very far from the base of operations of Uncle Beef Ltd over his 39 years. Being an avid sportsman he strived to reach the echelons of the rugby world but became plagued with constant injury. This continual process pushed him onto a rehabilitation path, so he studied and qualified as a Physiotherapist and managed to head up the Medical Unit of a top level National Rugby Team. 

Working in a sporting environment with athletes from different disciplines, one area of training never seemed to change; ’the need for good quality nutrition’. The need for a food stuff that could deliver to an athlete a good quality of vitamins and minerals with a taste that could rival a piece of well-cooked steak got Pete’s vote every time.

So when Steve and Pete met on a tennis court in 2017 they both realised that each had a passion to start a venture that combined three of the best parts of their lives, South Africa, Sport and Meat.

Uncle Beef Ltd was born!

What we do best

Uncle Beef Ltd supplies and delivers quality meats to members of the public. With a strong ethos of high standards, our customers return to us daily to enjoy our quality, well butchered products and take advantage of the competitive prices we consistently offer.